Introducing the “Video Resume”

Todd Rhoades

My name is Todd Rhoades.  As the original founder of, I’ve helped hundreds of churches in their staff searches over the years.

In fact, my website was one of the first church staff search websites on the internet.  Back in 2000 when I became involved in helping churches and individuals with their staffing needs, hardly anyone was utilizing the internet to find staff members.

Fast forward 13 years, and things have changed.  Nearly every church uses the internet to find staff members.  And thousands of staff members search for their next position on the internet as well.  I’m guessing that you’re one of them!

What started as a great way of connecting you with potential churches, has hit a bit of a hitch.  Applying for church jobs on the internet presents a small problem for you… there are hundreds of people applying for the same position you are interested in!  It’s not uncommon for the average church to receive over a hundred resumes.  And yours is just sitting in the stack.

That’s why I’ve developed the church staff video resume.  It allows you to stand out from the crowd when you apply for a church job, and it allows the church to instantly see your personality, passion, and fit for their position.

The format is simple.  You record a series of videos, telling about yourself and your talents and giftings.  I’ll then take those videos and present you with an attractive ‘video resume’ that you can send to potential church employers.  Churches can click to view your resume whenever they like.  And don’t worry… your video resume also has a link to your printed resume as well.

Here’s a sample of what the heart of your video resume might look like.  Feel free to click on the videos for a great example of what you could be communicating on your video resume:



Video Resume for Jenn Smith

Career Objective:  I would like to serve a thriving local church in the area of media and commuications


Jenn Smith

Wheaton, IL

(214) 555-5555



Twitter: @tstevenson64

Facebook: tstevenson64

Download My Printed Resume


I’d like to introduce myself…


I think my biggest strengths and weaknesses are…


Here’s what I’m currently doing…


Here’s where I’d like to work…


In closing…


Here’s some of my work…



When you order your video resume from me at MinistryHire, you choose what you’d like to include on your video resume.

All video resumes include a free introduction video and conclusion video.

You then choose at least three of the following video responses (you can choose up to six).

Topics you can choose from include:

  • My Career Goal
  • My Qualifications/Experience
  • My Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Why I’m Looking for a New Position
  • My Family, Hobbies & Interests
  • My Availability

Each are priced at $8.99 each… so the cost of a full video resume with an intro, three video topics of your choosing, and a conclusion video would be:

INTRO (free)
Topic 1 ($8.99)
Topic 2 ($8.99)
Topic 3 ($8.99)

TOTAL COST:  $8.99 x 3 = $26.97

If you’re not happy, I’m happy to offer a full refund!  Questions?  Feel free to ask!

Order your own video resume today…